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Deev Decor has been in the business of designing, installing, and maintaining interior landscapes. We have been providing an excellent Interior Decorating Service for our clients since 1999. With our store in Jakarta (Fatmawati Raya No.45), Deev Decor has an extensive variety of fabrics available to suit any style.

Our store offer a large range of products on display as well as advice from floor plans... more

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Deev Decor
Fatmawati Raya 45, Jakarta Selatan
Telp/Fax:(021)769-0301 - Flexi:(021)70731198

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One thing I like from Deev Decor... the respond is quick to my call whenever I have problem with my curtain rail..

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Featured Collections

  • Wallpaper

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    Composition: Paper + Vinyl
    Made in Korea
    92 collections
    Size: 0.50 x 10 m
    Remark: Medium Price
  • Sofa

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    Mulberry Collection
    Composition: 56% Polyester Filament, 44% Cotton Spun
    Made in Italy
    42 collections
    Size: 140 cm
  • Window Blind

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    Horizontal Blind Standart
    Composition: Almunium
    Made in Korea
    Size: 25 mm

  • Carpet

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    New Tango
    Composition: Wool, Polyester
    Made in Turkey
    6 collections
    Size: 400cm
  • Curtain

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    Composition: Polyester
    Made in Belgium
    21 collections
    Size: 145 cm
  • Vitrage

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    Bar Lorenz
    Composition: Polyester
    Made in Turkey
    2 collections
    Size: 300 cm